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skin: how to properly use black soap


It’s the king of soaps. A literal glycolic acid peel, microdermabrasion session and scar therapy all in a little messy clump. Black soap is definitely as good as its legendary claims, but are you using it correctly? Mind these tips for clear, healthy skin. (more…)


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8 easy labor day styles for lazy girls with long hair


Sometimes you really want to show out for the holiday weekend…but then you remember you’re the world’s laziest styler. We’ve found a how-to video that cleverly uses a foundational look to create 8 easy styles that look like mucho effort. You’re welcome.  (more…)


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a few ways you can use your conditioning cleanse


Do you know everything you can do with your LA Naturals Manuka Honey & Bergamot Conditioning Cleanse? We want you to get the most out of your products, so take a look.

PRE-CLARIFYING SOFTENER: Clarifying shampoos can be rather harsh, so we suggest using your Conditioning Cleanse on the first wash to prep strands and dissolve dirt and product build-up. Your clarifying wash will immediately cleanse strands on the second wash, and your curls won’t feel as a stripped.

BRAIDS AND LOCS: The Conditioning Cleanse has more of a milky feel that easily rinses out, making it perfect to use on braids and locs. The infusion of manuka honey helps treat the scalp while wearing a protective style, as well as promotes growth.

DETANGLER: Add a dollop of your Double Creme Moisture Masque to your Conditioning Cleanse and you’ve just created a super hydrating wash for curls that usually get tangled during your shampoo session. It works especially well if you’re 4c.

MID-WEEK REFRESHING WASH: Naturally, it works well as a mid-week refresher and it only takes one wash to re-prep curls for fingerstyling or two-strand twisting.


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art inspo: @thisfashionfiend_


Earlier this summer, NYC beauty influencer @thisfashionfiend_ did a dreamy shoot where she conceptualized herself as a queen. We think it’s perfect art inspiration to jumpstart your weekend of shopping, painting, writing or creating your own photo shoot. Take a look.  (more…)


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