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the curly pixie


The curly pixie offers so much elegance and grace. Here are three looks we love, along with a few tips to achieving the style.  (more…)


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3 winter foods for curl hydration


Going through the dry winter hair blues? Here are three foods you can incorporate into your diet now!

1. BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES: Have you heard of this one? This molasses contains 14 percent of our RDI of copper, an important trace mineral whose peptides help rebuild the skin structure that supports healthy hair. All you need is one serving size a day, which is two tablespoons.

2. WALNUTS: Walnuts contain an incredibly high amount of omega-3 fatty acids and they’re rich in biotin and vitamin E. Keep a little baggy of nuts with you when you to snack on throughout the day.

3. AVOCADO: No surprise here, right? The fruit can be eaten and used on your hair as a protein mask. When eaten, it works wonders at alleviating facial redness and irritation. It is also anti-inflammatory because of the Omega-9 fats, which help repair a dry scalp.


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the reprise of real black hair on tv


There was a twinge of sadness that hit us the moment Atlanta’s season finale credits rolled. Outkast’s “Elevators” perfectly closed out a season of Blackness, a gritty southern landscape and finally, finally, a real beauty aesthetic. Queen Sugar and Insecure are still ticking along, and, similarly, evoke a real sense of Black beauty. Let’s discuss. (more…)


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a list of books you should read during the holidays


I always make the best connections in my Lyft to work every morning. Sometimes on my snapchat, I’ll share “driver tales,” my recap of especially interesting rides. Here’s a quick driver tale.

A few days ago, a black VW pulled up and I met my driver, AY. AY has picked me up before. We talked about what I do at curlBOX and about his agriculture-tech startup. This morning, he had a book with him that he told me I HAVE to read. In the dark, early hours of the morning, I can see that it’s a thin guide of sorts to the ways growth hackers market their products. Naturally, the book is called “Growth Hacker Marketing” by Ryan Holiday.

This makes sense for AY, since he’s working on an innovative startup idea that he’ll have to convince people is super amazing. It’s so cool that he remembered I was also interested in marketing, so I totally ordered the book.

Here’s four more in my cart on Amazon. You should include these on your Holiday reading list: (more…)


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confessions of a recovering product over-user


I’m a recovering product over-user. That was a mouthful. I’m also a product junkie so I’m really just an overall cream, gel, mousse, serum addict. I’ve routinely over-used product in my hair to achieve my usual wavy-curly, 3C-esque look since about 2005. It started with Garnier Fructis Curl Shaping Spray Gel, which gave me a halo of concrete. I eventually moved on to Cantu Leave-in Conditioner, which was so inexpensive, I took pleasure in slathering on copious amounts knowing that I could get another fix for $4.99. I slithered over to Curls Milkshake (the original formula) and drenched pretty much my entire body in it. I won’t even get into the amounts of conditioner I use on my short hair. Yes, my hair is currently cut into a short style.

Let me admit something to you – I liked looking like the girl with unattainable hair. I enjoyed the compliments and would casually begin sentences with lies like “Girl, all you have to do is…” When really, I’d been at home smoothing, slicking, shingling, rain-dancing and defining my texture until my hands hurt. (more…)


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4 times when you can touch my hair


Solange said it best: “Don’t touch my hair, when it’s the feelings I wear.” However, there are a few instances where a gentle touch is appropriate and even desired. (more…)


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