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Better Skin: 5 Natural Gems

Great skin starts on the other side of your cupboard and refrigerator. Check out these natural ingredients.


How to use: Yup, the .99 cent Quaker oats at your local grocery store. Oat milk provides nourishment for those with dry, inflamed skin, along with those suffering from eczema and psoriasis.  If you have dry skin, combine a half a cup of oats with a tablespoon of olive oil. Add warm water and mix until you achieve a paste like consistency (add oats as necessary). Smear on your face or affected areas, and leave on for 25 min. The oatmeal will harden a little. That’s okay. Rinse and follow up with a great moisturizer. (more…)


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Pretty Little Things: Vintage Dryers

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For curly girls, a blow dryer is a must have. Whether you’re drying the ends of a two strand twist or blowing curls in the morning to re-fluff, the tool is essential. When traveling, your average professional dryer is a bit clunky, so we found a much cuter option.

Enter the Corioliss Vintage Mini Dryer – a floral companion for the girl who likes her hair tools to double as room accents. The small, lightweight dryer travels well and adds a pop of color to your bathroom.

While you’re drooling over this little find, here are three ways to get the most out of your dryer: (more…)


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Kinky Chronicles: Public Love

Let’s get straight to the point – have you done it outside? Like, in a park or perhaps in the back of a crowded movie theater? We’ve been told tales of one couple getting frisky on a golf cart in Mexico, while another somehow managed to get it in on a canoe. How much courage does it take to be uninhibited in a small bathroom at a party? Do you worry that your moans will be heard?

Allow us to get all up in your sex life and let us know if you’ve ever sexed up the great outdoors. 


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The Look: I ‘Do

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Every bride deserves to look absolutely stunning on her big day and we’ve listed a few of the top hairstyles for every personality.

BOHO: For the bohemian bride who’s whisked her family away to a destination wedding on a tropical beach, opt for something loose. Large, free-flowing waves are the perfect look, but it’s a little windy near the shore, so do yourself a favor and pin back your tresses with a bejeweled clip.

GLAM: When you lock eyes with your fine groom in the decadent ballroom that daddy splurged on, you should look the royal part. Go big with an unforgettable bun. Have your stylist add in extra pieces to create a full, larger-than-life look. (more…)


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Beyond the Box: Adama of Ouidad


If you love your curls, you’ve absolutely lavished them with Ouidad, an intensely moisturizing line for every texture. Natural hair hero, Adama Sesay. navigates the digital world for the popular line as its assistant manager of digital. Check out her thoughts on the booming world of curls.

What is your actual position at Ouidad? 

Adama: I’m the Assistant Manager of Digital. I coordinate our online marketing and digital initiatives for  I love this channel of marketing! I can be creative and experiment with new strategy and ideas. It is always evolving and changing so there is never a dull moment.

How has the curly hair industry surprised you?

Adama: Until I started working at Ouidad, I had no idea how to take care of my hair properly and which products I should be using. I am surprised by all of the wonderful information that is now out there for us to learn how to take care of our natural texture! (more…)


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My Life: Techie Must Haves

This week’s My Life muse: Top gadgets

“I never thought I was really a “gadget” girl until someone asked me to do an interview about my favorite gadgets.  These are some of my fave things!  My newest toy is the MacBook Air. I travel so much, I needed something functional that fits in my purse.  This is the ANSWER!  Once you get used to the small screen (I have the 11 inch) nothing can stop you.”

Being a successful millennial requires that you step up your technology game. Short of being able to send her hologram to events, Myleik has a gadget that does everything possible. For the ambitious, these gadgets lessen the time spent on certain tasks and allow you to feel like you have a team of ten, when it’s really just you. Check out some of Myleik’s favorites that were originally published on (more…)


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The Look: Sexy Specs

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Rocking a sick pair of specs is easy, especially if you’re natural. Kinks and shades just kind of go together, right? Here are a few tips to working your look, and a few places to grab a pair.

1. Be a Thrifter: The best place to find interesting specs is a thrift shop. They have often have eclectic finds that have been passed down through several generations of cool. Costume shops also have some fun shades. (more…)


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