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ken’s quarter-life krisis: be your own pilot


You know how people post screen shots of conversations with friends on social media? Well, this convo made it to the blog.

Attacked by another fit of writer’s block, I sent my friend, work neighbor, and fellow twenty-something, Ben Torres (@ben10torres) a text. 

“I need blog inspiration…go!”

I didn’t expect anything but comic relief, so imagine my surprise when, rather than a series of emojis, I received the most thoughtful, poignant musing I have heard in quite some time. And I work with Myleik Teele!  Read More…


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Ken’s Quarter-Life Krisis: Stunted


You know those moments? The moments when an epiphany strikes, the sky opens up and the world suddenly becomes so clear? I had one of those last week.

I never saw myself as someone who “peaked” in high school. Those tales go something like the football player who was on top of the world but had his scholarship stolen away by injury or the young actress who never made it past her school’s rendition of Hamlet.

For some time now, I have been succumbing to the feeling that my best years just might be behind me.  Read More…


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ken’s quarter-life krisis: discipline


This year’s road to yacht week is paved with…Discipline!

Myleik is sending our little office crew of two back to yacht week (Greece, this year). The only catch – and I hesitate to even refer to this as such – is a series of tasks we must complete before we set sail. Read More…


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curlbox TV: Ken’s Quarter-Life Krisis

We took Ken’s Quarter-Life Krisis from blog to video in this all new interview with Myleik Teele’s personal assistant and curlBOX’s office coordinator, Kendolyn Harris. As a twenty-something, Kendolyn’s had her fair share of blunders. Check out how she’s managing her “krisis,” and get her top five tips to being an amazing personal assistant.


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part two: an interview with an alvin ailey dancer


This week I present part two of my interview with Alvin Ailey dancer Rachael McLaren.

I was supremely proud of this interview for two reasons. # 1. This was my first significant interview; complete with a real-life person of significance! # 2. I am very excited about the fact that in some little way I am making a difference with my words – a personal goal.

So thank you for reading and please feel free to share your thoughts! Check out part two below where Rachael covers everything from pedicure products to the historical significance of her moves onstage…

curlBOX: Do you feel that working for such a diverse company provides you more freedom with your curls on stage (outside of the traditional bun)?  Read More…


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I have always been interested in activism. As a “comfortable” millennial I often struggle with knowing how to act. What can I really do to affect change? Myleik offered her theory that living well, achieving my goals and helping others (basically making myself a positive example) is modern day activism.

Given recent events (Mike Brown, Eric Garner), combined with celebrating MLK Day and the upcoming Black History Month, I decided to put my money where my mouth is, and what better way to do so than to highlight Alvin Ailey, a pillar in our community, and one of their amazing dancers?

The pen IS mightier than the sword, right? Meet Rachael McLaren…  Read More…


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KEN’S QUARTER-LIFE KRISIS: 10 Signs You Are Finally Working Through Your KRISIS


I decided to take the blog back to its roots this week and re-focus on the KRISIS that started it all.

While “researching” (Googling) for this edition, I came across a number of articles with titles like, “25 Signs You’re Having a Quarter Life Crisis”. While I am by no means out of the trenches, so to speak, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! With that in mind I wanted to share these… Read More…


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Ken’s Quarter-Life Krisis: Hello 2015…



This is not the first blog I wanted to write this year. I wanted to write sunshine and rainbows. Unicorns, perhaps.

A day or two into the New Year, I was already convinced that I was allergic to 2015.  I made big plans. I made myself promises of positivity and achievement and I had every intention of keeping them.  Read More…


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