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how to properly use professional products on curly hair


Do you know how to use your Paul Mitchell products? Take a few notes.

REJECT THE NOTION THEY’RE NOT FOR CURLY HAIR: Yes, even products that aren’t formulated for curly hair still work on curly hair. Particularly, products formulated to rid of frizz. These types of professional products help smooth, define and condition all types of hair, including curly. All of the products in your Paul Mitchell takeover are frizz-fighting, curl-defining gems.

STYLERS ARE CONCENTRATED FOR HOLD: Professional products are results-driven, so your Round Trip Liquid Curl Definer is a non-greasy styling serum that smooths frizz. It’s not meant to moisturize so much as condition and protect, so you can scrunch on a lightweight oil or cream afterwards. It also cuts drying time in half and makes your wash-n-go incredibly easy. We recommend finger styling while wet and smoothing the serum through your curls until they’re defined. Don’t manipulate it too much before drying, as you want your curls to stay clumped together for best results.

USE THE PRODUCTS TOGETHER: Professional products are created to work best with other products in the line. When used together, your Spring Loaded Frizz-Fighting Conditioner perfectly preps curls for your Round Trip Liquid Curl Definer and Paul Mitchell Flexible Style Sculpting Foam.

FOCUS ON SMOOTHING NOT SATURATION: Unlike other collections, you don’t need to use the products generously. Instead, apply your stylers to sections of hair and focus on efficiently smoothing the products through without using globs. Both stylers require that you take the time to work it through your curls.


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our new e-book is here!


Our new e-book is here! Owwww! We decided to create a curlBOX e-book (A Guide to Curls Pt. 1) for transitioners and those looking to recharge their regimen. You can download it here. In the meantime, cheek out and excerpt on trimming. Enjoy! Read More…


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queen things: arimus jewelry


We were searching for some cool jewelry to rev up our winter wardrobe when we stumbled upon Arimas Jewelry, an online destination featuring pieces dedicated to praising Black femininity. Yes, please.  Read More…


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the reprise of real black hair on tv


There was a twinge of sadness that hit us the moment Atlanta’s season finale credits rolled. Outkast’s “Elevators” perfectly closed out a season of Blackness, a gritty southern landscape and finally, finally, a real beauty aesthetic. Queen Sugar and Insecure are still ticking along, and, similarly, evoke a real sense of Black beauty. Let’s discuss. Read More…


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a list of books you should read during the holidays


I always make the best connections in my Lyft to work every morning. Sometimes on my snapchat, I’ll share “driver tales,” my recap of especially interesting rides. Here’s a quick driver tale.

A few days ago, a black VW pulled up and I met my driver, AY. AY has picked me up before. We talked about what I do at curlBOX and about his agriculture-tech startup. This morning, he had a book with him that he told me I HAVE to read. In the dark, early hours of the morning, I can see that it’s a thin guide of sorts to the ways growth hackers market their products. Naturally, the book is called “Growth Hacker Marketing” by Ryan Holiday.

This makes sense for AY, since he’s working on an innovative startup idea that he’ll have to convince people is super amazing. It’s so cool that he remembered I was also interested in marketing, so I totally ordered the book.

Here’s four more in my cart on Amazon. You should include these on your Holiday reading list: Read More…


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5 products for your after work fete


When it comes to makeup, I’m either giving you fresh and baby-faced or protégé to RuPaul – no in between. But when someone invites you to Harold’s for drinks and 99¢ wings after work, you have to be ready to go! I keep a raggedy Ziploc bag in my purse for a face that says “I’m casually beat for the gawds today.” Here’s what’s inside:  Read More…


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