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how to use your curlbox as a last minute gift


In a pinch and in need of a cool gift? Here’s how you can creatively give away some of your curlBOX goodies.

NOTE: Try using smaller curlBOX products likes serums or travel-sized goodies.

JEWELRY BOX: Get a small gold or silver ring box and affix a small piece of tape directly in the middle. Secure your product in the middle and add a small card that explains its benefits. They’ll love the additional tip!

SMALL GLASS JAR: Take a mason jar and create a small hair kit. Take a bundle of bobby pins and adorn it with a red ribbon. Add small combs, a few decorative hair clips and a rolled scarf. Add a small or travel-sized product directly in the middle and tie a ribbon around the top of the jar. Voila!

WOODEN BOX: If you have time, jet over to Michael’s or another craft store and purchase a small wooden box. Paint your friend or relative’s name or initials on the box and insert your hair product. They’ll have a little personalized treasure chest to keep their “secret serum.”

Also, are you currently stockpiling past curlBOXes at your house? Need to relieve your closet of a few? Here are three more ways to use them as Christmas blessings for others!

1. REGIFT YOUR FAVORITES: You likely have some unused products from former curlBOXes that you just haven’t gotten around to using. Peruse your stash and use a past curlBOX (the actual box) to create your “Favorite Things” box and toss in around six items. You can get super fancy and include a little handwritten note that details one tip for each product.

2. GIVE UNUSED BOXES TO A LOCAL SHELTER: Shelters are always in need of hair products, so if you have unused products, pack them up and go make some woman’s day. Take your previous mag cards, too! They’re full of helpful tips.

3. GIFT A NATURAL NEWBIE WITH THE DECEMBER BOX: Are you seriously in the giving spirit? If so, donate your December curlBOX to a natural newbie who’s struggling with her hair. She’ll LOVE the products and she might even join the “crew.”

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