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How to better embrace your curls

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We used to live in a world where you couldn’t find a curl in sight. Open up your favorite magazine and the bevy of straight, flowing hair would almost tickle your face as it paraded itself on every model and actress. Today, kinks, curls and waves are literally everywhere, and though this movement started out with a grand mantra of acceptance, we now have Instagram. We now have hair gurus with inch-shattering length and enviable textures. It’s easy to succumb to hair envy, so here are five ways to better embrace your gorgeous, God-given hair.

1. IT’S YOURS: This one is simple. Your hair, like your nose and your soft hips are all yours. Be in the business of loving what you have because, trust us, it’s awesome. There is someone who wishes she had thicker, fuller kinks, and there is another girl somewhere coveting a looser curl pattern. Everyone thinks they need what they don’t have, but the truth is that your pattern and texture is already perfect. It’s yours.

2. WORK FOR THE STYLE YOU WANT: Don’t be the girl who succumbs to her perceived hair “weaknesses.” So what if your hair is coarse and kinky or frizzy and kind of limp. Be diligent in seeking out products that help you achieve great hair results. Snag a defining gel or a volumizing conditioner. Put in the effort to best manage your hair at all times.

3. EMBRACE VERSATILITY: You don’t always have to keep it kinky. You can toss in a flatiron every once and a while to mix it up if you want. Don’t be deterred by those who take their hair far too seriously. Do what you want.

4. FIND A MUSE LIKE YOURSELF: You can love the girl with the gargantuan head of hair, but if you’re rocking a mid-length cut and a totally different texture, don’t get caught in the dreaminess of having her hair. Find other naturals like yourself to keep things in perspective when you find yourself sucking your teeth at your hair. A muse with similar curls will also provide more style inspiration.

5. REMEMBER, IT’S JUST HAIR: It is your crown, but it is not your glory. You are so much more than JUST hair. It’s simply an extension of your style. It’s what you have, not who you are.

How will you better accept your hair today?




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