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tips to adding texture to straight styles

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It happens to the best of us. You’ve straightened your curls and now you’re bored. But since you spent time, money and/or energy on achieving those luscious straight locks, you refuse to revert immediately. Here are a few ways to keep it fun while going straight.

ADD TEXTURE: It’s texture that you’re missing. The zig-zag or your kinks. The spiral of your curls. Or the bounce of your waves. But straight hair doesn’t have to mean bone straight. Before bed, try using a big-barrel curling iron to get big, loopy curls and then pin curl sections for fullness in the morning. You don’t have to forgo the volume you’re used to for straightness.

DON’T GO BONE STRAIGHT: When going straight, have your stylist (or you) flatiron your hair 80% of the way, which will leave a little texture. You can wrap it that night for extra silkening, if you need it.

DO THREE JUMBO BRAIDS: When it’s almost wash day, braid your straight tresses into three big french braids – one down the center and two on the side – for a bed head wavy look. For extra texture, lightly (LIGHTLY, GUYS) spritz your finished braids with a little leave-in conditioner before bed. Your Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Curl Control & Shine Mist works well for this because it’s pretty light.

SLEEP IN LARGE BANTU KNOTS: Several large bantu knots will prep your hair for a messy top knot or fun ponytail.

How do you add texture to your straight style? 




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