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5 DIY Mood-Enhancing Hair Scents

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Have you ever tried a DIY mood-enhancing hair spray? Whether you’re feeling joyful, romantic or angry, we have a specially-curated scent for your curls.

DIRECTIONS: Take a two ounce spray bottle and add rose water, along with 7 – 10 drops of one of the following essentials oils specially chosen by mood. Shake your hair while you spritz it, and scrunch in any remaining droplets.

1. JOYFUL: Lemongrass is the cheeriest of the essential oils. When you want to sustain happiness and inspiration, choose lemongrass, a sweet lemon fragrance that has some staying power.

2. ROMANTIC: Ylang Ylang has an intoxicating floral scent that works as an aphrodisiac. Just a whiff of the scent revs up your sex drive and jumpstarts healthy hormone production.

3. ANGRY: Roman chamomile helps relieve anger and irritability. When you’re two steps away from telling everyone to kiss your ass, spritz a bit of this on in the morning.

4. MEDITATIVE: Frankincense helps create a welcoming space for contemplation. It helps relieve nervous anxiety and intensifies spiritual focus.

5. STRESSED: Clary sage is one of the best essential oils to use when you’re stressed. It has antidepressant, euphoric (inducing feelings of joy and calming intense anxiety) and sedative powers.




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