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why gels aren’t working for your hair type


Are gels not working for your hair type? Here are a few reasons why.

1. YOU’RE NOT WORKING IT THROUGH: You must work a gel through damp curls. Not dry curls or semi-dry curls. Wet curls. No exceptions here, unless you want instant flakes and curls that looks like a hard hat. Keep your spray bottle close to spritz areas that try to dry while you style.

2. YOU’RE NOT USING TOOLS: For some, fingerstyling is not enough. You need to brush/comb each section and then fingerstyle your curls to perfection. The definition of your curls depends on how well you can smooth and batch them together. Tools are needed for thicker hair types.

3. YOU’RE NOT ELIMINATING THE CRUNCH: If necessary, to eliminate the crunch that some gels can create, apply a nickel-sized amount of glycerin to curls while fingerstyling with your gel. This won’t inhibit your definition, but it will slightly soften the effects of your gel.

4. YOU’RE NOT SMOOTHING AND SHINGLING: Smoothing and shingling (the act of smoothing clumps of curls together) is the perfect technique for your LA Naturals Manuka Honey & Coconut Curling Jelly.

5. YOU’RE NOT USING A DIFFUSER: If you want your curls to dry sans frizz, definitely incorporate a diffuser when using a gel. It also cuts your drying time in half.




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