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skin: how to properly use black soap


It’s the king of soaps. A literal glycolic acid peel, microdermabrasion session and scar therapy all in a little messy clump. Black soap is definitely as good as its legendary claims, but are you using it correctly? Mind these tips for clear, healthy skin.

DO AN OIL CLEANSE FIRST: Black soap is powerful and one of its main ingredients, palm ash, can make sensitive skin rather raw if not properly prepped. Try using your black soap as your second wash after removing your makeup with hemp oil, which is noncomedogenic and perfect for both dry and oil skin types. Make sure to massage your eye area thoroughly because and do NOT use the soap around your eyes.

HYDRATE WELL: The major key to using black soap with no irritation is to moisturize well. Try using a cream-based moisturizer rather than an oil-based moisturizer for best results. If your oil-free moisturizer is rather thin, try Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Night Creme. It’s oil-free yet thick enough to nourish skin after using black soap.

FORGO ABRASIVE SCRUBBING TOOLS: Stick to using your fingers when washing with black soap. The addition of scrubbing tools like a Clarisonic or even a face towel aren’t needed and could exacerbate sensitivity to the soap.

SKIP A DAY: It’s perfectly fine to only use black soap 2 – 3 times a week and not everyday. Since it has such incredibly exfoliating powers, you’d be fine using it like a scrub.




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