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3 things to consider before choosing a new fall look


It’s time to start planning for your new fall hairstyle. Here are a few things to consider before completely changing your tresses. Think: money, time and maintenance. 

MAINTENANCE: Can you actually keep up the style? If your look requires tons of heat-styling and you can barely use a curling iron, you may need to pick that requires different styling upkeep. Always take into account the maintenance needs of your style, along with your actual style capabilities. Don’t overextend yourself trying to maintain a look. It’ll totally take the fun out of it.

DOES IT REQUIRE SALON VISITS: Do you want a chic pixie? Or a very avant grade natural cut that only your stylist can maintain? If so, consider the costs of going to the salon every two weeks. Is it in your budget?

DOES IT HAVE ENOUGH VERSATILITY: We meet many women who, on a whim, randomly cut their hair into short styles. After about three weeks or so, they’re bored to death. If you’re used to a certain length that affords you the benefit of creating many styles, don’t be so quick to change to a style with minimal versatility. If you simply want to play with other lengths, consider wigs or a weave.

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