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10 refresher growth tips for curly hair


Here are ten easy tips to curly hair growth. 

1. Peppermint and rosemary essential oils help immensely with hair growth, Add them to your scalp oils or use products that have been infused with them.

2. Wearing your hair in the infamous pulled back “puff” will eventually thin out your edges. The constant tension will prevent you from growing the thick, bushy, glorious edges you want.

3. Incorporating a shampoo brush will stimulate your scalp each week during your wash.

4. Jamaican black castor oil DOES work. This wonder oil does contribute to growth, so we suggest using it once a week as a conditioning oil treatment and/or directly on the scalp.

5. Split ends prohibit you from retaining length. Your hair is constantly growing despite what it looks like, but split ends will continue splitting, giving the appearance of stalled growth. Always trim at least every 6 months. Or, if you heat-style, trim every 3 – 4 months.

6. B vitamins are KING. Vitamins like biotin, B6, B12, pantothenic acid (B5) are essential to growth. Here’s a hair vitamin you should consider.

7. Low manipulation styles are great for growth. These would be defined as styles where you don’t have to style (or manipulate them) everyday. Do a two-strand twist that delivers a fluffy ‘do and wear it for five days. Try to focus on styles that don’t require you to brush or comb your hair everyday.

8. Detangle weekly or bi-weekly. Also essential to growth is avoiding the development of knots. Maintaining a consistent regimen of detangling will remove any shedding hair and/or knots.

9. Avocado and egg masks give your strands a boost of protein and strength.

10. Let your hair breathe and slide around at night. Only use satin pillow cases or satin scarves when going to bed. But you already know this, right?





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