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the #1 tip you should be using with your conditioner


We learned something magical about EDEN BodyWorks Citrus Fusion Conditioner. Not only is it a deep-treating conditioner, it’s also a leave-in styler. Whaaaaaa? Tips ahead.

GREAT FOR TWA: If you’re rocking short hair due to the fact that you just did the big chop, you’re likely wondering how to define your curls. For newbies, try using a bath sponge to help create coils. Take a dollop of your EDEN BodyWorks Citrus Fusion Conditioner and massage it into your wet hair. Use the sponge and sit under the dryer or blow dry your hair on a medium setting to quickly set the curls. It gives a light, soft finish.

FOR SOFT HAIR: For finer, softer textures and patterns, you’ll get greater definition by brushing through your in sections while your hair is sopping wet. Follow up by fingerstyling that section. NEVER just brush and blow dry. You’ll have a ‘fro. Brushing can occasionally help you achieve a smoother pattern just before fingerstyling. It’s a good pre-smoothing technique for the hair when just fingerstyling doesn’t do the job. This conditioner works well to define your curl pattern.

PAIR WITH MOUSSE: Cocktail your conditioner with your Citrus Fusion Styling Mousse when creating two strands twists and coils to add more hold. They pair perfectly.




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