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what our intern learned about black beauty


Luke, our intern, has finished his stint working in our warehouse, and he learned quite a bit. The curlBOX office definitely taught him a lot about beauty. Take a look at what working with a staff of women helped him understand. 

1. How did you surprise yourself during your internship? 

LUKE: I surprised myself big time with my improvement ideas that I presented last week.  When Tabitha told me I would be giving a presentation, I was super worried I would not be able to come up with any good ideas for the company, and the internship would have been a waste of time. In the end, I came up with some good cost-saving changes that the team really enjoyed. That was definitely the biggest surprise to me.

 2. What the #1 thing you learned about Black beauty? 

LUKE: I learned a lot about black beauty but I would say the biggest thing I learned was how much work it takes! I have three older sisters who have always taken forever to get ready which I thought was because they were going slow.  I have since learned that it is because of all the effort that goes into their look.  I have a new found admiration for woman’s beauty and I will now know how much time and effort a girl has put into her looks when we go on a date.  I am just happy that I have one bottle in my shower that does it all.

3. Was there ever a time you wanted to give up?

LUKE: I definitely got a little overwhelmed when I came back to work after the June pack-out and I saw the thousands and thousands of new products I was going to be unboxing.  Tora and Tabitha were talking about the July pack-out already and I felt like we had just done one and we needed a break! It is just a testament to the amount of hard work all the curlBOX employees put in every single day.

4. Did you try any products while you were there? Did you like ’em?

LUKE: I can’t say that I tried any of the women’s products but I did smell a good number of them and I gotta say, smelling them made me want to try them! However, I did get a curlBOX Man box and I currently use the Cantu shampoo, beard oil, hair gel, and other shaving products. I absolutely love them and they smell great!

5. What’s the ultimate wisdom you gained throughout the process? 

LUKE: I am not sure if there is an “ultimate wisdom” that I have but I will say all of the advice Myleik gave me about life, business, school, career, and much more has certainly made me wiser.  We had a lot of time to talk and trust me when I say I didn’t waste a single minute of it.  I was constantly asking her questions about her life and I was always discussing some sort of issue or idea with her.  That wisdom is priceless and applicable in all areas of my life.  I also learned a ton about start up businesses and the business process, which I would also put under the “ultimate wisdom” umbrella.




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