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5 things we learned from the “can’t stop, won’t stop” doc


We garnered a ton of gems from Diddy’s “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” documentary. Here are five.

1. LEARN HOW TO COMMUNICATE: Diddy’s hot-headed nature in the beginning of his career is noticeably more calm and effective now. Though overly his bullish pursuits got the job done early on, he later mentions that it took him quite a while to learn how to simply communicate what he needed from staff and friends, as opposed to screaming, cursing and threatening people. In the scene where he schools his concert band on taking his songs to the next level, instead of relying on aggression, he states the facts and the new directives…and leaves. Noted. Don’t waste your energy if it doesn’t even get your point across.

2. DON’T BE AFRAID TO PUSH YOUR TEAM TO CREATE THE BEST: Like Myleik pushes us, Diddy expects his team to constantly produce amazing work. There’s a scene where he tells his production team to change the stage lights to “God light,” which could only be described as an ethereal glow emanating from above. The team originally looked confused, but they got it done and, all jokes aside, it literally looked like God shining down on the stage. Don’t be afraid to ask people for the BEST.

3. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE: Diddy believes in Diddy. Regardless of what anyone says or thinks, that man is completely, 100% in belief of his talents and his abilities. You should believe in what you can achieve even when stacked against all odds. It’s YOUR vision, YOUR journey and YOUR dream.

4. LEAN INTO BLACK EXCELLENCE AND ELEGANCE: Shoutout to Black opulence. Successful Black people drenched in furs, gold and diamonds? We’ll take it. Part of the fun of the Bad Boy tour was seeing the braggadocios ‘fits.

5. BE HARD ON YOURSELF: Diddy didn’t perform as well as he wanted to on night one of the tour, so he brushed himself off, refocused and killed it the next night. It’s okay to give yourself grace, but when you know you’re not reaching your level of talent, you should intentionally be hard on yourself. Do the work and don’t stop until you reach your potential. Self-accountability is healthy.

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