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hotel hacks for when you’ve left essentials at home


Don’t you hate when you accidentally leave your essentials at home? Here are three hotel hacks that are ridiculously helpful. 

HONEY CLEANSER: If you happen to find yourself somewhere sans your facial cleanser, five packs of honey will work. Honey is considered non-comedogenic, so it works on acne/oily types just fine. Wet your face and smear it on, massaging in a circular motion. Rinse and use a damp towel to remove any remains.

INSTANT PICK: Let’s say you left your beloved combs or picks at home and you need to fluff your twists or fro at the roots. (That fluff is ESSENTIAL to a bomb result.) Take a hairpin or pry open a long bobby pin and use this to lift your roots. Works like magic.

SUGAR FOR ACNE: Ugh! Did you leave your tea tree and acne products at home and you have a pesky pimple? Make a paste of a few drops of water and white sugar, and slather it on the area like a mask. Leave it for at least 30 minutes and rinse with cool water. Sugar, which is high in glycolic acid, is actually effective in reducing redness and calming inflammation.




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