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4 detox hacks you need today


You went hard yesterday? No worries. We got you. Get into these detox hacks you should try today. 

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL: This stuff is particularly useful for those who ingested allergens or other immune-irritating substances yesterday. No, it’s not the charcoal you used to grill your ribs, it’s a substance that binds to toxins in your body and sweeps them out in your movements. You can take this two hours after you’ve taken your medication or birth control, as it can make medication less effective if you take it at the exact same time, due to the nature of what it does.

HOT LEMON/ROSEMARY WATER: Drinking hot lemon water infused with rosemary will help restore your pH balance and sweep toxins from your colon. Rosemary also helps restore balance to the body and skin. Hello, somebody. We all need this. Squeeze a half of a lemon into 8 – 12 ounces and add a sprig of rosemary, and have at it. Sounds weird, but it’s actually kind of refreshing.

MILK THISTLE TEA: Did you drink quite a bit yesterday? Feeling like your liver needs a little flush? Drink two cups of milk thistle tea to quickly begin to detox the sins of yesterday.

GINGER: Is your stomach upset from the day before? Add in a little fresh ginger or take papaya enzymes to restore your digestive system and calm any issues.




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