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4 easy ways to wake up with crazy soft curls


Here are four tips to softening your curls through overnight treatments.

1. ADD A HUMIDIFIER TO YOUR ROOM: If the air in your room feels dry, chances are it’s the reason why you’re waking up with dry skin and parched hair. Add an inexpensive humidifier to your room and add pleasant essential oils like lavender and lemongrass to scent your pad while you replenish moisture.

2. USE ROSE HIP SEED OIL AT NIGHT: Add a generous amount of rose hip seed oil to avocado oil and massage your tresses just before bed. This serum will act as a protein, softening treatment. Rose Hip Seed Oil is chocked full of vitamin A and is known for regenerating the skin and hair.

3. LOSE THE SCARF: We know this seems like a cardinal sin, but some of you are still wearing cotton scarfs and others head wraps that bleed the hair of its oils, causing you to wake up with hard, flat hair. Instead, simply use a satin pillowcase that protects your curls and allows your scalp to breathe.

4. SPRAY A LEAVE-IN ON ENDS ONLY BEFORE BED: Use a hydrating leave-in just on your ends before bed to help reseal split ends and nourish overnight. Spray on a light coating and scrunch the solution into your ends.




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