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5 reasons you should ditch fingerstyling for fingercoiling


Here are a few reasons why you might want to ditch fingerstyling and start coiling your hair.

If you’re not familiar with fingercoiling, it’s the styling technique of coiling and winding wet curls around your finger to create coils. We suggest using a mousse or a firm-holding creme.

1. IT LOCKS IN YOUR CURL: Fingercoiling your hair while wet locks in your curl, wave or kink pattern. Though it takes ALOT of time to coil hair that’s both long and thick, it reveals your truest texture in a springy, bouncy fashion.

2. WORKS WELL IN HUMIDITY: Fingerstyles can quickly go awry on a humid day, but coils that have been unraveled just a little tend to expand with less frizz. Instead of losing your curl pattern, you simply gain a little more volume.

3. IT GIVES YOU TWO STYLES TO WORK WITH: Coils work wonderfully as a foundational style that can be worn for up to week before unraveling.

4. IT HIDES TRANSITIONING HAIR: Try coiling your roots and perm-rodding your straight pieces for a truly blended look.

5. IT GIVES THE APPEARANCE OF FULLNESS: On thinner, finer textures, dry, unraveled coils can be fingercombed into a big, glorious mane. Sometimes fingerstyling accentuates your thinner areas.

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