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face. body. heels: the best natural oils for scar therapy


Managing dark spots starts with your daily regimen. You must incorporate products that contain brightening ingredients. Check out how we infuse a few of our favorite oils.

BODY: Wheat Germ Oil – Chocked FULL of vitamin E, this oil is amazingly moisturizing. It blends well with lotions and creams, so you can add a teaspoon to your regimen and smooth it on. It helps lighten scars, soften skin and hydrate for several hours. Make a shower oil spray by adding it to a 4oz bottle along with 20 drops of geranium to help further brighten hyperpigmentation.

FACE: Apricot Oil – This wondrous oil is like a face lift in a bottle. If you’re looking for a light but moisturizing oil for fall, try this one. It’s known for its anti-aging effects and is full of essential fatty acids. It’s also one of the most non-irritating oils, so its safe to use during allergy season or on sensitive skin. We suggest using this to oil cleanse, too.

HEELS: Lanolin – Don’t be afraid of this super thick miracle worker. Lanolin is an old remedy for chapped skin. It’s a wax secreted by the coats of sheep. Sounds interesting, huh? It’s an emollient that helps the skin retain moisture, while also healing severely chapped, rough or damaged skin barriers. If you’re trying to revive cracked dry feet before summer, apply a little lanolin and wear socks overnight. You’ll wake up with incredibly smooth heels.

SCAR TREATMENT: Sea Buckthorn oil is a berry seed oil used externally and internally for liver and skin health, immune support and digestive issues. The oil is packed with antioxidants and rich in omega 3, 6 and 9. Though it’s touted as a whole body wonder, it is incredibly effective in lightening scars. It’s rather messy but when applied directly to dark spots, sea buckthorn oil quickly works to repair damaged skin. Try to use just after exfoliating for great results. Seriously, it WORKS.

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