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how to use a shampoo brush without tangling your curls


If you have long hair, you may be wondering how in the world you could properly use your Motions shampoo brush without getting massive tangles. Here’s how, along with a few more tips. 

FORGET CIRCULAR MOTIONS: Typically, shampoo brushes are used on the scalp in a circular motion to invigorate the scalp, but this motion can cause major tangle for long, thick hair. Instead, brush up at the nape of the neck. Brush back at your hairline and down the sides of your edges, and part your hair in rows and brush neatly and horizontally to avoid massive tangles. You’ll still get the same massage.

BENEFITS OF A SHAMPOO BRUSH: A shampoo brush is perfect for those suffering from dandruff, who need a little extra help removing stubborn flakes or build up. You can apply your Motion Active Moisture Plus Conditioner to your scalp, let it sit for ten minutes, and use your shampoo brush to loosen the flakes. You can employ the use of it again while shampooing.

STUNTED GROWTH: If your hair needs a growth boost, trying using your shampoo brush every time you wash for two months.

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