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My Life: A Few Favs

If Myleik likes it, we love it. While the boss lady has been tiptoeing all over the States and beyond, she’s picked up a few new favs. Check ‘em out.

1.  “Avalanche” by Quadron

This is just an absolutely AMAZING album.  It’s worth buying.  It’s worth a listen.  I just love her voice and the great production.  And there’s a track with Kendrick Lamar – “Better Off” … AMAZE!

2.  iBooks App

I know I’m SO late to the party with this.  I’ve always known that you could buy books and read them on the iPad but I stopped toting my Pad around nearly a year ago.  While I was on vacation, this woman I met told me about this MUST READ book and I kept wondering how I was going to read it right away.  Ummmm … iBooks! I downloaded to the iPhone immediately.  I thought reading books on my phone would drive me nuts.  It does NOT!  Now I can have my books with me all of the time and read them whenever because I ALWAYS have my phone.  Joy!

3.  J Crew 3″ Chino Short

Let’s face it … I’m not that tall.  I typically wear shorter shorts to elongate my legs. *lol*  I love these shorts at J. Crew.  They’re around $45, they fit well, wash well and go with just about anything.  Feeling like a tank with shorts? Done.  Want to dress it up with a button down?  Done.  I love them.

4.  Kimchi Blue Lace Triangle Bralette

If you have small enough boobies (like I do) then these cute little bras are so stinking cute under sheer tops (think white linen or a black net top).  They are a cute and simple way to add a little sexy something to an outfit.

Are any of Myleik’s favorites on your list? 




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