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Birthday Chat: Myleik Reflects on a Fab Year!

In honor of our phenomenal creator’s birthday, we interviewed Myleik on her whirlwind year. Check out the ups and downs of our curlBOX queen. You’re sure to be inspired!

Did you exceed your expectations for yourself this year? How?  

Myleik: Hmmm … The funny thing about this year is that I don’t think I really had any expectations of myself.  I was really looking to find the center – a place that was more balanced than anything I’ve ever experienced.  I’m one of those “go” girls.  I love working and I’m constantly setting work goals and in many ways I managed to neglect some other parts of me that are important to being a “whole” person.  So not putting any “expectations” on myself and really focusing on being a more balanced person was my goal.  I think I’m going OK. 🙂

What’s one event that sticks out in your mind that really helped you in terms of growth?

Myleik: I had a bit of an emotional break down last year.  I was in New York on my umpteenth work trip and out of nowhere it just seemed like everything was closing in on me.  I was exhausted personally and professionally.  I had spent countless hours staying up all night long, always making sure I was on, always being OK to anyone who would ask.  I collapsed and decided to spend the next seven months in psychotherapy – what an amazing thing!  I’ve always been ambitious and set these real, sort of “concrete” goals, but how often do we put that SAME energy into ourselves?  We don’t.  We will give it to another person before we give it to ourselves because we’ve been conditioned to put ourselves at the bottom of our very own priority lists, even though you need YOU more than anybody else.  I had to really sit with that.  I learned that caring for myself was not self-indulgent – it is certainly an act of survival.

Check out Myleik’s blog about her break down here. More on  psychotherapy here

What matters more this year that didn’t matter so much last year? 

Myleik: I’m really into boundaries this year.  The lines used to be really blurred between myself and others.  I’m now OK with enforcing those lines with people (even family).  I’m able to recognize when something doesn’t make me feel good and just say “Hey … see that line right there?  Stay on the other side of it.”

Do you have any regrets from this year? 

Myleik: I don’t have any regrets in life.  Not one.

What did you overcome this year? 

Myleik: I overcame my fear of love.

How are you celebrating? 

Myleik: I’m actually not doing anything too crazy this year. I have my traditional spa appointment at the Four Seasons planned and will more than likely just spend the rest of the day chatting with friends.

Did you do anything this year that surprised yourself?

Myleik: This whole curlBOX thing?  Have you seen it?!  It literally blows my mind every time I think about it.  I don’t know that I will ever fully wrap my mind around the warmth and reception that the brand has received.  I’ve gotten some of the most amazing letters and I’ve had strangers stop me in public and encourage me and tell me that they’re proud of me.  You never get used to that.  More than anything, it has allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people in the whole entire universe and for that I will forever be grateful.

Which goal are you most proud of hitting this year? 

Myleik: I’m really proud of hitting my health goals.  I was one of those “go to the gym for 20 minutes and stay on one machine” kind of girls. Don’t judge my life.  About a month before I started going to psychotherapy, I decided to start working out with a trainer.  Healthy mind and body were my goals and I can tell you that I have STUCK WITH this whole “working out” thing for 9 months now. I’ve not taken any time off.  It has become a part of my life and I’m really glad that I managed to stick with it.  I feel better.

What’s your one birthday wish? 

Myleik: Aaaahhh!  It’s something special with someone special.  Could I be anymore vague?! *lol*

What are you gifting yourself this year? 

Myleik: With the exception of the trip to the spa, I’m not buying myself anything this year.  The greatest gift I could have ever given myself this year was making the commitment to care for my mind, body and spirit.  I feel good now and there’s no “thing” that would make me feel any better on my birthday!  Oh wait … A Chanel watch might actually take it over the edge.  I’m kidding!  Thanks for the LOVE.

Happy Birthday, Myleik!




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