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Behind the Box: Meet Yasmine Richard

Meet Yasmine Richard – cool curly girl and the host of FUSE’s ‘Trending Ten.’ When the NYC dweller is not interviewing Justin Beiber or covering the latest music festival, she’s busy caring for her bodacious curls. Check out how she manages her look.

How long have you been natural?

Yasmine: Hmm. Since 2002. A little over ten years. I basically just cut all off. I did do some braids and a few weaves, but I really just cut it off and it was short for a while.

Was there any apprehension to wear your hair natural on-air?

Yasmine: At the time, when I started hosting, I had already grown my hair out and I knew how to do my hair. So, no.

What are some of your favorite styles to wear on-air?

Yasmine: It depends on how I feel. Every morning, I co-wash my hair and put in some product. I really just love playing with different textures. Some days, I like it really curly and other days I’ll stretch it out. I’m not opposed to it being frizzy, either. My co-workers love my hair and I think my signature look is simply the fact that I can do anything with my texture.

Do fans comment on your hair?

Yasmine: Yes! We are in the age of Twitter, so when I first started hosting, I got tons of tweets. When people first saw me, they really loved my hair and my style. What I love most is the effect on kids. On Monday, I went to visit with a friend and her daughter’s hair is curly, but her parents’ hair is not. Seeing me made her realize that there are other people with hair just like hers. She was always asking her mother to straighten her hair because she didn’t have anyone to identify with.

Have any celebrities commented on your hair? Have any of them tried to touch it?

Yasmine: (laughs) No, celebrities won’t do the things that other people might do. But I distinctly remember Sia, an Australian singer and songwriter who’s worked with Beyonce, really complimented my curls.

What are your top three products?

Yasmine: I love Hair Rules Quench Ultra Rich Conditioner, Hair Rules Kinky Curly Cream and coconut oil.

Do you ever wear it straight?

Yasmine: Not often. However, when I do get it straightened, I go to Hair Rules New York and Anthony Dickey does it. I get a “ting treatment” every Saturday morning. Dickey has created this concoction of oils that he uses to blow out my hair. The heat infuses those oils into your scalp and your hair. I normally wear a little halo braid but I never wear it completely straight.

Where do you shop? What brands do you love?

Yasmine: Rachel Roy. Her sh*t is perfect. It’s TV friendly and it’s my style. I will try some stuff on at work – because they shop for me and style me – and ask ‘where’s that from?’  I’ll go and buy the exact same clothes at Macy’s when I leave.  Oh, and I love Bar III.  I guess Macy’s is my secret!

How do you feel about your hair ten years later?

Yasmine: It’s crazy because I’m still learning how to do my hair. I’m still re-learning my hair. There’s so much to know. Like, dealing with colored hair during NYC winters. With me, I really need to moisturize my hair. I have to section it when I shampoo. Hair Rules has really taught me how to take care of my hair. But I love walking around with a mop on my head. Like a freakin’ superstar. Like Tina Turner.

You can follow Yasmine @yasmine.




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