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Beyond the Box: Natural Chica’s Wedding Story!

With her warm spirit, gorgeous smile and enviable locks, it’s no wonder the natural hair world went crazy the day famed natural hair blogger, Natural Chica, tied the knot. The beauty gave us the dish on her breathtaking look. Dig in.

How did you feel when you walked down the aisle?

Natural Chica: It was such a surreal moment for me! It took everything within me to refrain from flat out bawling while I walked down the aisle (lol). What held me together was the peaceful and loving look on my husband’s face. It is a look that will forever be ingrained in my memory. When I focused in on him, everything and everyone else around me became such a blur.

How did you come up with your hairstyle? Did you do a storyboard? What was your muse?

NC: I was so blessed to be able to work with stylist, Tamika Fletcher of the Natural Resources Salon in Houston to come up with my wedding hairstyle. Since she lives in Texas and I live in Atlanta, we were emailing each other initial style ideas months before the wedding, which helped me realize I wanted to wear my hair in a bun. Once we had the general idea, Tamika surprised me and had a hair model come into her salon, where she tried out all of my style ideas on the model!

That evening consisted of Tamika sending me pictures of the different looks while I would text her my feedback in between looks. A couple days before my wedding, Tamika flew into Atlanta and we had our first in-person hair trial. With Tamika’s amazing styling skills and my supportive bridesmaids, we came up with the side bun style with the fishtail braid accent in the front and two strand flat twist on the side for a soft, romantic look. Overall, Tamika is AMAZING and such a genuinely sweet person. I am so thankful for her lending her talent for my special day!

Was picking the dress as stressful as everyone says it is?

NC: It wasn’t stressful for me at all. I will say though that I’m glad the different bridal shop assistants encouraged me to try on dress styles that I initially avoided without actually having tried them on. A lot of dresses look COMPLETELY different when they are on your body and not on the hanger. Once I became more open with my choices, it was a lot more fun. I actually went to three different shops before I found my dress. I found my dress when I went back to Maryland, which was great because my mom and my matron of honor were able to come with me! Funny thing is that my dress was the last dress of that particular style in the shop and was about four sizes too big. I was so in love with it though that I was determined to find an amazing seamstress in Atlanta that could work their magic! I mean, this was the only dress I shed some tears in after trying it on, so it had to be the one (lol)!

Did you consider wearing your hair straight for the wedding?

NC: Before I was even engaged, I knew I wasn’t going to wear my hair straight. I’ve learned over the past three years of being natural that natural hair styling can be so versatile and I wanted to have some fun with my hair on my wedding day. During our engagement period, my husband also expressed his wish of me keeping my hair in it’s natural state since that’s how it was when he met me : )

Your makeup was soft and simple – how did you come up with your look?

NC: The day I got engaged, I reached out to my friend and celebrity makeup artist, Mimi J. Having worked with Mimi over the past couple of years, I knew I could trust Mimi to be able to understand the look I wanted. I’m not a huge makeup wearer, so I knew I didn’t want to look like a completely different person on my wedding day. After showing a couple of pictures of looks I liked to Mimi, she was able to come up with a look that I felt comfortable in and that lasted all day/evening too! I was so grateful to have worked with her. Once again, another extremely talented and sweet individual to work with!

What’s your one tip for every bride?

NC: Wow, I could give so many but if I have to focus on one, it would be to remember that your wedding is only one day and that your marriage is a lifetime! Remembering this during your wedding planning process will help reign you in when you start fretting about the small things that you most likely won’t even remember or pay attention to on that day itself! Yes, we all love getting into those wedding details (and Pinterest boards!) but remember that building the relationship you and your fiancé have is priority number ONE!

What was your top wedding hair product?

NC: The Monoi Hair Milk that Tamika used from her line, Earth’s Nectar Hair Care.

Have other natural brides asked for your assistance in curating their special looks?

NC: I have received emails for help with wedding hair style suggestions. Now that I have a little bit more time, I want to revive the tumblr page I created a while ago,, where I had started collecting and sharing photos of natural hair brides before I was even engaged. I want people to know that yes, you can wear your natural hair for a wedding style and it can be elegant and beautiful!

What did your hubby think of your look?

NC: He thought it was beautiful : )

What’s the most memorable moment of your wedding?

NC: There were so many memorable moments that it’s really hard to choose just one! One memorable moment was being announced as Mr. and Mrs. and it settling in that Anthony was finally my husband. Hugging our parents after the official announcement and walking back down the aisle with Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” being played by a string quartet in the background was such an amazing moment!




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