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My Instagram Tips & Tricks!

Every now and then I log in and decide that I want to do a blog post and today is one of those days. ūüôā ¬†It’s pretty obvious that like half of the world, I too am addicted to instagram. ¬†I’d stay on it all day if I didn’t have work to do! ¬†Here are my tips and tricks to help you enhance your instagram game!

1. ¬†Clean your lens. ¬†Your phone has been in your hand (sweat & grease) or in your purse (crumbs and such) and the lens is not clean. ¬†Before I take a pic, I always wipe my lens and make sure it’s clean. ¬†This is the FIRST step on taking better pics.

2. ¬†Take several pics from several angles. ¬†Don’t ever just take ONE pic. ¬†Get options. ¬†Maybe it’s the old PR girl in me but I like to have 5-10 pics to choose from because there’s always a gem out of the bunch.

3. ¬†Use your APPS! ¬†There are so many fun filtering apps (think: PicFX, CamWow, Over, PhotoCollage). ¬†Have fun with the pics and since you’ve taken more than one, you can play with a few that look the same and get more “action” shots.

4. ¬†Use natural light and kill the flash. ¬†I will admit, I rarely ever use flash (unless its just pitch black) because you can always lighten up with a filter OR use the little “sun” symbol in instagram. ¬†Work with your natural light as often as you can and keep the flash off.

That’s it for me! ¬†Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend.






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