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Beyond the Box: CurlBox Crew Edition

Let’s go behind the scenes of the curlBOX workplace. This elite squad is based all over the United States and this week we sat down with Diana. She’s so awesome, she doesn’t need a last name. Check out what it takes to be a Chief Happiness Officer. Intrigued already, huh?

What is your actual position at curlBOX?

Diana: I am the Director of Brand Relations, all things Customer Service and overall Chief Happiness Officer!

What’s it like working directly with curlBOX subscribers?

Diana: I love the excitement and buzz of it all.  Servicing so many customers with a small team keeps me very busy but I really enjoy the challenge of it all – problem solving and strategic planning month to month.

How would you define curlBOX culture?

Diana: The curlBOX culture is flexible in terms of environment because we all work somewhere different,  but it’s SUPER hectic as it relates to the amount of work getting done, the pace and demand.  The curlBOX culture is all about hustle, follow up and just plain getting it done.  While our work environment is flexible, there is a TON of work to be accomplished to keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

Diana: Hmmm.  The hardest part of my job has to be the amount of follow up, check in’s and circling back on circling back that has to get done to ensure everything is in on time, counted and with as few defects as possible before we ship each month between the 7th and 12th.  That’s everything from ordering boxes, product from vendors, warehouse staff and planning, and so on.

Did you come on board before the curlBOX explosion? If so, did you expect it to grow and become THIS big? 

Diana: I did come on board before the explosion.  I actually worked with Myleik part time when she was operating her PR company, Art of Facts PR.  From the time Myleik started discussing the idea with me, I really never had any doubt it could be THIS big and bigger.  She has a vision and executes.

How is it working with creator Myleik Teele?

Diana: Myleik keeps you on your toes.  Every “I” has to be dotted and “T” crossed.  She likes to say I’m the hardest working person she knows…outside of herself (lol.) The attention to detail is unyielding but it makes you better in everything else.

What inspires the curlBOX team?

Diana: Honestly, I am a go getter.  The true come up story inspires me because we don’t often get to see that happen so close to someone we know personally.  That motivates me.  In addition, the stories we get each month just letting us know how much our efforts in this space are moving people, starting conversations and inspiring others, inspires me!

How do you handle the criticisms about curlBOX?

Diana: The criticisms are never easy.  I am not going to lie.  Being in this from before the beginning makes it personal for me.  I am someone that cares more about the things I do than just the paycheck (yes I want to get paid, too), so it’s hard to read, hear and watch the negative feedback at times.  I review almost all of it and we take it into consideration on how to do things differently going forward.  You’ll see some of that feedback implemented with our next curlBOX Natural. Stay tuned!

What’s the future for curlBOX?

Diana: Oh man, honestly the future is so bright for curlBOX and Myleik in general.   When you’re an innovator, the skies the limit!

What are your three favorite curly products?

Diana: My household has SO many curls it’s ridiculous. Seriously. My girls, brother, sister, fiancée’… we ALL have different curls.  I can’t wait to gift curlBOX Man to the men in my life, but I digress. Anyway, my three favs are:

  • Dr. Miracle’s Strong Hold Gel
  • Curls’ Curl Gel-les’c – Curl Serum/Gel
  • Nunaat’s  Karite Hair Mask

Check out Diana on Instagram @dianamhm.




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