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Is Anyone Using Shampoo Anymore?

With the popularity of cleansing conditioners more women are opting for the “no poo” method of cleaning their hair.  I’ve consulted with lots of women, and “no-pooing” causes them to clean their hair with shampoo only once a month or not at all. The idea of sulfates being compared to harsh detergents that strip the hair of moisture has a lot of us turning our back on shampoos, even those that are sulfate-free. We do not want to see the evidence of lather, because immediately we think, “liquid detergent, my hair will get dry and break off.” I am here to tell you this is not true, and one of the most important foundations of healthy hair is clean hair. Cleansing Conditioners are great as a temporary solution for removing build up but not as a permanent practice for cleaning the hair and scalp. You must include a shampoo as a part of your regular hair care regimen. 


Using a cleansing conditioner on occasion or for special circumstances is okay. I describe these occasions and circumstances as times when:

  • You are exercising on a consistent basis
  • Use a lot of product on the hair daily
  • Swimming on a regular basis


The cleansing conditioners are beneficial in these scenarios because without them, you would find yourself shampooing your hair 3-4 times a week. This excessive use of shampoo (especially on curlier hair strands which are drier by nature) will strip your hair of essential oils and moisture. The option of using a cleansing conditioner is great because it will gently remove sweat, dirt and excessive product from the hair without completely drying it out.  Think of your dental hygiene. You cannot rinse your mouth with mouthwash everyday. You have to use a toothbrush, toothpaste and BRUSH! If not, you will eventually end up with some serious dental problems or….no teeth at all.   So make sure you give your hair and scalp a good deep cleaning every now and then. You will only win and gain the benefits of healthy hair when you do.


Dr. Kari is a Licensed Stylist and Board Certified Trichologist. Learn more about Dr. Kari by visiting




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5 thoughts on “Is Anyone Using Shampoo Anymore?”

  1. regine florival says:

    I love the way you put your web site together.

  2. Full disclosure I’m primarily a co washer and rarely shampoo my hair. I do so about once a month/ every 6 weeks and I use Aubrey Organics GPB shampoo. My only issue when I see words like “you MUST wash your hair” is s people have been cleansing there hair/scalp for eons without the use of actual shampoo…. why MUST we do it now?

  3. Ms. Amena says:

    #cosign. Love the mouthwash analogy!

  4. ShaKara Z. says:

    Not true. As someone with long healthy hair, I must urge to each their own. I haven’t used shampoo as part of my hair care regimen for several years. Neither have SEVERAL other healthy and long haired naturals like Fran of or Jess of Just check their youtube channels. They’ll tell you all about it. Liking shampoo is fine but saying that’s it’s necessary for every head of hair is misleading.

  5. Imani says:

    Actually, co-washing your hair often is not such a good idea for the reason that many naturals experience product build-up over time. I wash my hair once a week w/ a shampoo bar because it works for me.

    I’m not 100% sold on the co-washing idea. I tried it many times and it doesn’t do anything for my hair. Besides, I like to have that clean, fresh, and tingling feeling in my scalp.

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