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Walk A Day In My Shoes: Myleik

I had this idea to share what a typical day in my life is like and every time I think about it, I start and then I get busy or I try to remember and when I actually have a chance to sit and document I have forgotten most of it and I’m just so darn tired that I just say to myself, “they’d much rather have good products and service and images or WHATEVER as opposed to ME sharing MY daily ins and outs.”  I felt differently today … Today is my first day off since July 7th.

This won’t be a “at 10a I did this and at 7p I did that” but something that gives some perspective and sheds a bit of light into a typical day or week of mine.  I will start with my break down yesterday.

Yesterday was my last day in New York and my flight at 5:30P would end my insane travel schedule.  I woke up and smiled as I looked out of the window from the Eventi hotel (the only place I stay when in NY) and said to myself, “you made it!”  I have been going nonstop working every single day since July 7th and I didn’t complain, I didn’t cancel anything, I just DID everything I was obligated to do.  I put on my workout clothes and went for a walk … Saw these girls walking without shoes on and still dressed from the night before and chuckled to myself – they’re living the life.

I then went to my favorite drug store C.O Bigelow and bought goodies and then I got a instagram that I was tagged about the disappointment in the September curlBOX.  I can typically handle such things.  Though it will never make me feel good, I had to come to terms with the fact that I will never be able to please everyone (though I would like to).

I saw the note and my first reaction was anger because it was from someone that I thought would have felt comfortable with just calling me and saying, “hey … not feeling it.”  I’m OK with that.  This is someone that I had convinced other companies to send products to because I felt she had so much influence.  I even asked to treat her to lunch when in NY the last time because that’s how much I LOVED her.

So the next feeling was hurt.

I walked back to my hotel … My smile that I got from laughing at the party girls turned into a frown.  I put the key in my hotel room door … dropped my bag and collapsed on the floor and the tears flowed.  I have never been a “woe is me” kind of person but I literally was just like “I’m TIRED … My body is TIRED and now my soul is under arrest.

What many don’t understand is that all of this business is done from my heart.  I want you to have more and better so when I’m striking up deals, I offer up myself (my person) (appearances, blogs, videos, hosting events, etc) in exchange for MORE ounces and exceptional brands.  Whatever they want me to do so that you can get more than just “a .25 oz sample,” I’ll do.  If that means I will get on 12 flights in 30 days, I’ll do it.  If that means I miss baby showers, birthday parties, house warmings, and so on, I’ll do it.  If that means I have to stay up 24 hours to get everything done, I’ll do it.  Whatever it takes … I WILL do it.

So to be contacted on the day before I would have my first rest day in two and a half months devastated me.  I’m human.  In my mind I think that there could be a box of ALL samples and regardless of how much the full sized cost, if you had a box of little samples the cost of each wouldn’t really matter right?  BUT what if we could get some in full sizes?  Isn’t that better than 1 oz?  1 oz of everything or surprise you each month with some full sized goodies?  But then the comparisons begin … I wanted that because she has it or I think that has more value than my product though the purpose of the program is to try everything for a lot less until you find your staples.

When you have a public persona people will convince you that you have to be concerned with your “public persona” and make sure that you always appear to be OK.  In doing that, people turn to vices, become unhealthy and even suicidal because they have been lead to believe that showing emotions is a sign of weakness … I do not believe that to be true.

It is OK to say that something hurt you.  My thought process is that the reason that there are ranges in emotion is for us to use them all.  You will never be in one all of the time but you absolutely have the right to rest in any of them anytime you see fit.  Feeling sad?  Feeling blue?  Feeling fly?  Feeling amazing?  From day to day … You are entitled to experience them all and I am too.

I have created many positive ways for us to have dialogue and I’d love it if we used them.  The way change happens is by coming together as adults and having dialogue without attacking one another.  If I slam my foot on your toe to get your attention, I will have it but you won’t be happy … But if I tap your shoulder and say “excuse me” and bring my concerns to your attention, I bet I have all ears and CHANGE will happen.

I’m not sure if I’m doing this right or if I’m doing anything right but I want you to know that I do my absolute best every single day.  I give this all that I have and even some stuff I don’t have.  I’m not asking for pity but I am asking for understanding, patience and consideration.  I promise to give you the same.






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23 thoughts on “Walk A Day In My Shoes: Myleik”

  1. melorie poteat says:

    i thank you. curlbox keeps my pjism under control and under budget.

  2. Sharon Tillman says:

    Thank you Myleik for sharing. Thank you for owning your emotions and letting us in on your day because it’s easy to judge on the fly. I was disappointed in how “we” reacted yesterday and thought that this can’t be good for ‘us”. Funny, I also had the same thought as you when I read the post. “Aren’t they cool?” was my first thought so yes, a simple call would have been great. I guess we all need to communicate a little better. I definitely have a greater appreciation for my box 🙂

  3. imluvingmycurls says:

    Thank you for sharing. You cannot please EVERYONE all the time. Take a deep Breath! I have been receiving both CurlBox & CurlKit and have compared them sor the last couple of months to be definately cancelling KIT This MONTH!! the compasion is hands down:) Keep your chin up! YOU ARE A BLESSING TO MANY !

  4. imluvinmycurls says:


  5. Wes says:

    As you mentioned, many believe that words can’t hurt – but they do! I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who is so passionate and dedicated to what they do! Please don’t EVER change that about yourself… No matter how HUGE Curlbox gets please don’t ever “sell your soul” for a buck… You’re pure, genuine spirit is part of what makes YOU and Curlbox unique and extra special to not only myself but many, many other “curlfriends”… You’re making us all PROUD. Keep on keepin’ on!!

  6. Amber says:

    Thabk for everything you do. I appreciate it and it has helped me greatly on my natural hair journey. There is no other service out there that is of this caliber for us naturally curly women especially ones of color. So thank you and realize that there are more out there that appreciate what you are doing and are truly greatful

  7. Tia says:

    I truly appreciate your honesty. Truth is- the arrow of rejection will cause a dark shadow to prevail over all the good. Put up your shield- and shine your light so you can see how effective you really are- you are good enough- just the way you are. Everyone doesn’t have to believe it for it to be true— but you have to KNOW it- for it to be true. Thanks for sharing- and thanks for being such a powerful inspiration…

  8. Kandice Ewing says:

    U r such a special, unique individual. I SO appreciate my curlBOX and everything in it. While it is very true, u can never please everybody all the time, u can plz most and that’s gd enuff. Never put ur trust n ppl. Keep it in God. He will never fail u. And even though what was said hurt your feelings, it’s the disappointments and hardships n our lives that shape and mold our character. This one just made ur uniqueness shine a little brighter and ur perseverance a little stronger. It’s not when everything is going good that we learn who we really are & what our motives r. It’s when we’re n the valleys of our lives that we r ‘refined by the fire’ (i.e. criticism, jealousy) don’t be ashamed of ur tears. They r a testimony to ur strength, not a sign of weakness. It takes a lot of courage to do what u r doing. And even though I don’t personally know u, I am proud of u. Proud that u r fulfilling ur dreams. Proud that u r sharing a piece of your fabulous life with us. Proud that u actually interact with ur curlBOX family and try hard 2 listen and learn from us. Proud that u r brave enough to expose ur personal hurts and connect with us n a way that MOST CEO’s of anything just won’t do. Thank u for sharing with us. Thank u for all the fly photos on ur IG and allowing us to feel like curlBOX belongs to us! Thank u for making history, in the midst of great hurt, disappointment and sacrifice! We appreciate u Myleik Teele! Now dust urself off, wipe ur eyes and PRESS ON!!! The larger u become the smaller ur circle will be. It’s just the way life goes. Don’t resist it. Don’t resent it. Dive in and make the most of every moment! Hope u r feeling a little lighter and ur sleep is a little sweeter!

  9. Eve says:

    As a fellow business owner I can totally relate to this! Keep on the path that God has set for you…by doing that you can never go wrong! Xoxo

  10. Jamila says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. You’re right you can’t please everyone it’s a hard lesson to learn but a much needed lesson. Keep up the good work, I love my Curlbox I post image every month. My kids get excited to see what’s new in the box.

  11. Jessica says:

    I want you to know that I appreciate you! I appreciate what you do! I appreciate this post, and you sharing your feelings. It is completely ok to be human. F–K persona! I have shared curlBOX with so many of my friends and encouraged them to subscribe. They rave about the packaging and the affordable price. I admire you! You are the example of what I want to be when I build my graphic design business. You inspire me to be the best woman I can be independently! Now…take a vacation! :o)

  12. AngieYuuup says:

    I loved your blog post, and even more I loved the comments that followed. We appreciate your hard work and passion. I’m sorry that happened right before your 1st day off in forever. I know it took a bit of enjoyment out of it. I’m glad you shared your feelings on the post. I admire you both and hope you guys make up soon. Take care and God bless you.

  13. Kenya says:

    Thank you for all you do. I was perturbed as well when I read some of the negative comments on FB. I think when people pay for something they feel entitled to to complain and compare and just be out right petty.

    In general it won’t matter what you do or how hard you work, you will not be able to please everyone. Curlbox has me excited about being natural again, and my only “complaint” is that this was not around when I began my journey.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  14. Sha says:

    I just think that you have to be careful with something like this because everyone is going to expect to get the same things. In addition, it’s to be expected when people are used to getting one thing and then receive another. If the purposed of the subscription is the generally provide sample packets, and on “occassion” receive full size, people need to understand that. But i do still agree, it would be a bit discerning to me if i received a box and then i saw someone else showing a box with items different than mine. To keep things fair, i think the best bet is to give everyone the same thing.

  15. Kendall says:

    Myleik – I won’t make this long and drawn out but instead I want you to know that I am watching you. I am reading and watching how you turned your vision into a success, a goal into a living dream, and how you react to naysayers. I too have a little fire on the inside of me yearning to begin my own business venture in the future. Thus far many have laughed in my face because I am a single mother with 4 young children, but despite that…them…the naysayers, I see myself laughing too. At the top of Success Mountain, that is! I think curlBox is a great concept and just absolutely awesome, awesome. I think you are an amazing spirit, a talented and transparent person that “kept going despite.” Don’t let the naysayers or negative people get you too far down. Keep that beautiful head up and keep moving for US. Thank you for your hard work, long hours and dedication. See you at the top lady! 😉

  16. Marji says:

    All I can say is that your Human, even though you are our SuperWoman. At the end of the Day this is a Business and you are a Business Woman with feelings Somehow that doesn’t go together but you seem to work it out. Because you CARE! Out of all the subscriptions you have, me being one of them there is gonna always be a few that miss the concept! But remember, members can CANCEL at anytime they are not locked in. Believe me there are more people that want In than Out!! Keep your head up Myleik and keep doing the Wonderful things that you are dong!! You have saved me so much money and time.. And you are Appreciated more than you know. So keep knocking those doors down because were behind you coming through!! I Love Curlbox!!

  17. Stephanie says:

    I don’t understand why people have to let you know they don’t like the product. If its something I not that into I either give it away OR I just don’t use it

  18. rebecca says:

    I admire your honesty, and I’m sorry that you had to experience this. But we can’t make everyone happy, it’s just a part of life. I feel it could have been handled better, but while some people try to keep it “REAL”, they hurt the ones who are trying to do right. Your doing amazing things & I commend you for that! I’m not always thrilled about everything I get in my boxes, but I LOVE alot of the items I do receive, and sometimes..I start off as a snob, and end up shocked by the outcome of the so called unthrilling product! So carry on chica, your doing AWESOME!

  19. chnatelle says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article, your vulnerability and honesty is remarkable and will ultimately be your key to success. I wish you and Curlbox all the best. Hopefully one day I will get on the list (cough) (cough) lol God Bless Love, keep striving for your goals.

  20. Rochelle Es Bastante says:

    I applaud and appreciate ALL of your efforts to bring us products that will help us on our journey. I also aprreciate your ability to interact with your customers on a daily basis via, FB, IG, Twitter and any other social networks you may use. Most of all, I appreciate your ability to be HUMAN & TRANSPARENT about what it takes for you to bring us curlBOX in EXCELLENCE! Much love to you Myleik.

  21. Gina B says:

    I absolutely love love love this article. I would appreciate if you did more days in your shoes. It’s not just blah like a lot of blogs out there, but very much transparent.

    God Bless & Smooches!

  22. LetaF says:

    This is so true! It is important that we continue to operate in open and honest discourse. I’m glad you shared. Now that i’ve read this i can jump back to the January post. 🙂 Keep up the great work MT and crew!

  23. Just now reading this, and you have the right to feel however you want about anything. I do understand how you could feel that what the person did was shade, especially if they had a personal contact for you. To front someone off on social media especially a “business associate” is tacky, unprofessional and shows that she isn’t as forward thinking as you may have thought

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