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Why We Love Sage Naturalceuticals

I remember the first time someone told me about “Sage.”  On Black Friday last year I wanted to know what some of the other “curly” brands were doing.  I sent out a tweet to ask around to see what I’d be able to “come up” on.  Someone tweeted me back that they took advantage of the sale online at “Sage.”  I remember replying back with, “What is SAGE?”  I had never heard of it.  Was it a new product line?

The person tweeted me back that it was a store that sold products for natural hair – it was a brick and mortar store and they sold products online.  I looked online and was a bit intrigued but not enough to buy until a random day that I happened to randomly turn a corner after getting a tattoo (at City of Ink).  I saw the little store and remembered the name … I had to go inside.

I fell in love the moment I walked in.  Cindy (the owner) had EVERY product that you’ve been meaning to try but probably haven’t purchased because most things can only be purchased online and which few things do you REALLY want to take a chance on when buying online?  Exactly.

Sage Naturalceuticlas carries a plethora of amazing lines for curly hair and the best part about it all?  Every single product has a tester for you to touch, feel and smell!  Every time I’m in Sage I get at least two new things to “try.”  My latest find and RAVE is the:

Qhemet Biologics – Aethiopika Hydrate & Twist Butter


Have you been to Sage yet?  What are some of your favorite products?  If you haven’t been yet, you can walk in or visit online:




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4 thoughts on “Why We Love Sage Naturalceuticals”

  1. diane mary says:

    this store sounds like heaven! next time i down to Atlanta to see my brother i’m begging him to stop here on the way from the airport!!!! =D

  2. Tiesha says:

    I love, love, love Qhemet Biologics products. The honey & olive hydrating balm and the castor & moringa serum are amazing! The products smell amazing and you dont need a lot. I have 4b hair and it is super dry and these products get the jod done every time.

  3. Audra says:

    I just had my Sage experience on Friday! Cindy was extremely helpful & assisted me in getting some new products to try while avoiding any allergic reactions. This will definitely be my new place to purchase products!

  4. Zainab1 says:

    Thanks for this post. I love sage !, I order online from them often. And the shipping is super quick with lot’s to choose from.

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