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Last August I spent every Wednesday night for a month with my good friend Fredara.  Each morning we’d get up and talk about new technology, new businesses, men (she even had me signing up for e-harmony) over my infamous spinach and mango smoothies.  One of the mornings that we were talking about business, we started talking about beauty sampling programs and it hit me almost immediately.  I had to do this for the natural hair community.  Sure, there was sampling already happening but I wanted something that I would love – something wonderfully attractive.  I always felt like other groups of women have a different experience with their beauty products; they experience things luxuriously and high-end.  That is what I wanted for curlBOX.  I wanted something that not only looked good but felt good when it showed up on your doorstep.

A few months later we launched and was the first to spread the news.  We shipped the very first curlBOX on February 7th and I watched one of the the very first review videos for it and the joy coming through that video let me know that I was spot on with creating the “experience.”

Here we are nearly a year from my “idea” and 6 months away from the first curlBOX.  In an effort to enhance the curlBOX experience, I worked with an incredibly special group of people to lay out the all-new curlBLOG.  They all have worked with me from day one so they understand the passion and energy that I put into the brand each and everyday.  Please understand that this was designed with you in mind.  I wanted you to have something different.  I wanted a place that dials in positivity because true beauty is in your attitude.  I wanted something aesthetically pleasing … fun and light.  It’s hair – it’s our crown but it doesn’t have to take up so much of our lives.

Like curlBOX,  I sincerely hope that you enjoy the all-new curlBLOG.  We’ll be adding more and more content and making a few tweaks so bear with us.  We have to have you on here and using the blog in order to make it perfect.  I want to thank my team for pulling this together and putting up with me (I can be something else to deal with because I know exactly what I like and I always want it earlier than I say *lol*). I also want to say WHAT UP to a very special crew – they are known on internet as:

Now lets set this thing OFF! 🙂



myleik teele | founder & ceo “chief experience officer” | curlBOX





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9 thoughts on “Welcome …”

  1. Shontay Montgomery says:

    Well said Myleik, and the site is everything!

  2. L. says:

    Congrats Myleik on the launch! Wish CurlBlog much success!


  3. Becca- mssmitty says:

    Exciting times, and as a curlbox subscriber, Thank you for the experience! From the amazing pictures on FB, to the monthly box on my doorstep, I love it all, job well done!

  4. Congrats on the launch! I can’t wait to see all of the great Natural Hair news and review!!! 🙂

  5. Shachaina says:

    Congrats in the new curl blog. U have enjoyed my Curlbox every month thanks do al u do I look fwd to all the news and ideas that I will gain from this blog

  6. Dekishea says:

    Congrats! I love hearing stories like this. Wishing even more success for curlbox.

  7. Sherry Blossom says:

    What an awesome idea and awesome site! Thanks for thinking of us! I’m journey this journey hasn’t always been easy but I thank you for caring enough to stick with it until it succeeded. You’re a success and an inspiration. I tweeted you a while back and stated that this story of the birth of CurlBox would make for an awesome documentary. It’s the story of hard work being put in (while drinking spinach and mango smoothies…I need to try yours…lol) while keeping the eye on the prize! We thank you and applaud you for helping to further educate and provide excellence in the natural hair community! Enjoy this road and I’m wishing you many blessings and loads of prosperity! I even picture you on TV soon let’s say….Anderson AND Oprah!!!! Lol! You rock! S/o to #curlBoxCREW

  8. Kemi says:

    I just got my August curlbox and I was glad to see the CURLblog starting this month. I’m so excited about reading upcoming info from this blog, especially about ways to use products we get in our curlboxes because I often set products aside and forget to go back to it later!

  9. diane mary says:

    congrats Myleik!! curlbox is so awesome- my favorite beauty sampling program. You truly are a genius creating it! Am loving curlblog too- a place I can enjoyably read articles and find people who I can relate too. Here’s to lots & lots of success to u! <3

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