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5 Minutes with Airest Newsome of Heritage Brand

Airest Newsome | Founder | Heritage Brand 

Where are you?
I currently live in Charlotte, NC

Day job ?
I am the founder of natural hair care line Heritage By Airest and I am also a natural hair stylist.

Side hustle?
My job is Heritage 24/7!

Go-to hair product?
The product that I use most is our Heritage Moisturizer.  I use it at least twice a day just to add extra shine and moisture to my hair.  I also use it for twist sets and underneath my Flaxseed Gel for and extra shiny wash and go!  It has so many uses!

It’s Friday night. Where can we find you?
Home. Hot bath. Candles. Wine.

It’s Sunday morning, and you are…
At church and then brunch with the girls! It’s pretty much a ritual- a new spot every Sunday!

Who would you cast to play you in a movie–and why?
Sanaa Lathan- When I had relaxed hair people use to tell me I looked like her!  She is a great actress and I believe she could capture my quirkiness well on film.

What do you want to be your legacy?
It is my purpose to build a notable beauty and lifestyle brand for men and women with natural hair.  Not only will the brand itself be my legacy but also the notion that you never fail at anything until you give up!




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