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My Hairstory. How I got to curlBOX.

I remember getting my first relaxer at 6 years old and the sigh of relief that my Mother and I both had once it was done.  She would no longer tug uncontrollably on my hair and I wouldn’t have to DEAL WITH IT!  I was so happy to be able to wet my hair and be gone.  I still have nothing against relaxers to this day … I’ve seen women grow healthy hair down their backs with relaxers.

During college I stopped getting relaxers because my stylist in the Bay Area (Brownie! What up?!) used to do amazing hair without relaxers and she talked me into not getting one … So I did.

My hair went through many stages.  I stopped getting relaxers but I was getting it pressed to the HILLS!

That’s me on the right at my class reunion.  That’s my bud Mo’ on the left. 🙂  I had a press and a few tracks in that pic.

The more I pressed, the thinner it got.  This is a pic of me in Vegas with some tracks sewn in.  EVERYBODY looks upset … Me AND the weave!

And then I decided enough was enough … What does MY REAL HAIR look like?!  I took out the weave and this is what I got.

Don’t judge!  And when you wet it, the ends look like this … If you’ve had HARD presses I know you’ve see your hair do this … They say it’s “trained.”

 Cut those ends OFF!

And we got to this point …


I had some fun with some styles …

Had those edges laid DOWN right?!  LOL

Wild hair on the beach (Miami) … Hair growing!

Me and one of my favorite humans!  Big hair!

Rocking my fave do … I call it the “Corrine Bailey” … It’s a two-strand flat twist bantu  knot out. 😀 Vogue!

It kept growing …

So I straightened it a few times … Trying to be cute eating watermelon at a PARTY!


Break time … SEW IN!

Back to my HAIR!  With Katrice of

And then hanging with my favorite Real Housewife celebrating Taurus Birthdays!  Anybody else on Team Taurus?!

I broke down and flat ironed one more time in LA and while my hair was CUTE, it was FRIED!  Let me just say … Oh and that’s my honey Erika!  She’s the best.

So because it was FRIED and BACK to the stringy hair pic … I tried to rescue it and weaved it up!

Because weaves save everything right?? Wrong … LOL!  So I big chopped again!

I ended up keeping it short for awhile because it was so EASY!

A liiiiiitle length … Me working in my office.  FUN! LOL!

I watched a whole bunch of Taren916 videos (love her – that’s my girl) and bought this Drew wig.  I wore it out once but it worked me OVER!

But I eventually trashed it … I kept cutting in it trying to get it off my nerves until I ended up having to it throw it away … LOL!  Back to MY hair!

Love my hair! Love my hair! Love my hair!

And then I was moving and busy so I braided my hair (myself) … I LOVED the break!

Took the braids down and here we are today (in my home office working like always).   It’s growing again … Robin Groover gave it a quick cut and color.  Love!

So I said ALLLLLL of that to say that I’ve been through nearly EVERYTHING with my hair and I have had my fair share of experiences with products!  I’m no expert but I might know a little something and I’m a firm believer in having a PROFESSIONAL PARTNER!  I like having a LICENSED STYLIST help me along the way.  I’m here in the trenches with you, pre-pooing, co-washing, detangling, flat twisting, sealing, deep conditioning, sampling and steaming!

We’re all in this together!  Thanks for listening to my looooong hair story! 😀




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5 thoughts on “My Hairstory. How I got to curlBOX.”

  1. Ashley says:

    I attempted to transition from a trained press hair routine…one side of my hair was more rebellious than a teenager!!! I ended up bc’ng 12-4-11. Still trying to figure out mine and my hair’s chemistry. Your fro is super cute, love the second bc! Can’t wait to try CurlBox!!

    1. myleik says:

      Oh wow! Congrats!

      The suggestion that I always make for growing out your BC and feeling fabulous is to get some kind of shape to it. If you notice I have a bit more length in the top. Our hair won’t grow out even so I get mine cut along the way (it will still grow) so that I can feel fly! I even got a little color this time around.

      Another trick to make it look like a shape is to coil the sides and twist the top. The sides will dry tighter and the twists will be looser and it will look like a little style. Good luck and thank you!

  2. Kabria says:

    Awesome hairstory! Just goes to show that everyone’s story is different and we all go through changes.

    Oh yeah #TeamTaurus hehe

    1. myleik says:

      Team Taurus forever!!! xoxo

      LOL! Yes … Everyone has a different tale. I love hearing the stories and seeing the changes. I’ve done it all.

  3. Cynthia says:

    Been there, done that. Go Team Taurus!

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